S.A.L. Squadron 39
PO Box 257
Middleton, ID  83644
Adjutant phone  (208) 371-9949
Squadron dues for the 2015-16 year are $15.00 payable to above address. Click here to download the application, print, fill it out and mail with your check to the above address.  We also need a copy of proof of your relationship to your eligibility provider and his/her Legion number or proof of service during an eligibility period if deceased.  Click to get Acrobat Reader
Commander: Jack Youngs
1st Vice Cdr: Frank Leffler
2nd Vice Cdr: Frank Leffler
Adjutant: Bruce Irving
Finance Officer: Bruce Irving
Sergeant-at-Arms: John Foster
Chaplain: Frank Leffler
Historian: John Foster
Photographer: Kevin Bundy
We are a volunteer organization.

That means that no one can force us to do anything. When we accept a position within the organization, we assume the responsibility to do our best in it.
We can, and many do, accept a position just for the assumed prestige of that title. To me, that is an empty prestige akin to a son taking on airs just because his father had an important job. We can, however, strive to improve the organization doing the best that we can. In that case the prestige is no longer empty and we can be proud, along with our peers, of the job that we have done. And our organization is improved.
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Post 39
Detachment Commander Jimmy Gould installing Jack Youngs, Bruce Irving and Frank Leffler to their posts in Squadron 39 and Jim Blanton the Chaplain for both the Detachment and Department as well as the Commander for Squadron 26 in Mountain Home