S.A.L. Minutes
Post 39

July 1, 2017 MINUTES

Present:          Jack Youngs Commander,                            Bruce Irving Adjutant,
Frank Leffler Vice Commander/Chaplain

Meeting called to order at the Methodist Church at 10:10 AM by Jack. Frank invoked the blessing of God.  Jack led Flag Salute; read Resolution NC 2094 pertaining to POW/MIA.  Jack then led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the National Constitution.

Minutes of last regular meeting have been on the web site and a copy is available at this meeting.  Bruce moved and Frank seconded to accept May 6 Minutes as amended and handed out and posted on the web site. COMMITTEE REPORTS:
:  We are at 100% of our goal for 2017 with 37 members.  We are now in the 2018 membership year and it is time to renew or sign up new members.

Finance:          We have $337.64 in the bank.

Jack has the Squadron Flag and will have it for the 4th of July.  Frank has donated a flag base for the Squadron flag.

We will move under the Post and use their EIN.  We will need to vote on dissolving our corporate status at the next meeting.


Moved to amend the Constitution of Sons of The American Legion Middleton Squadron 39 to remove ‘, Inc.,’ wherever it appears and change ‘memberships’ to ‘membership’ and ‘Note:  ‘ from Article VII Section 3.  Seconded and passed.

 Read through the By-Laws to removing ‘, Inc.’ from the heading, amended Article II Section 3 to allow for the candidates to leave the room while a show of hands vote was taken, changed Article III Section 5 to read Article 1 Section 4 instead of Section 4, Article 1, added which shall be the elections in May to the end of Article VII Section 4 and changed Article VII Section 6 last sentence to read The Commander shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee as provided in Section 2 above.

Moved and seconded that the By-Laws be amended as discussed, passed.

The new Constitution and By-Laws shall be submitted to the membership and voted at our next meeting.



Next meeting:  Aug 26 at Methodist Church at 10:00AM. This will be our August and September meetings.

Frank & Jack each donated $5.00 as a donation for the use of the church facilities.


All Squadron members are encouraged to participate in these activities

Jul 4: Star Parade 10:00

Jul 4: Middleton Parade 12:00

Jul 11: Post the Colors @ Boise Center 8:00

Jul 22: Dist 3 Picnic @ Veterans Memorial Park (Boise) 9:00 – 2:00


It was moved to donate $20.00 to purchase burgers, dogs, buns and condiments for the baseball teams’ barbeque.


Closing prayer by Frank.
Flag Salute
Jack recited “Till we meet again”

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Irving,