The cap is the one item that is considered uniform, no matter what else you may be wearing. This can be ordered from Emblem Sales for a cost of approximately $40.00. On that page select Idaho as the Department and the City style.  You can choose lined (slightly warmer) or unlined.  The left-side lettering is Middleton, ID and the Squadron number is 39. (shown with Adjutant pin and ALEI graduation pin available separately.)  It takes four to eight weeks for delivery.  If you are also a member of a Post, you may want to order a dual member tack or a crossed flags tack.
Note:  where prices are shown, they do not include shipping and sales tax.  The item # and price refers to Emblem Sales as of the time they were posted to this page and are subject to change without notice.
sal39006009.jpg sal39006008.jpg
Item # 515.133 $5.95
Item # 515.503 $10.95 ea
Another item that you may want is a white uniform shirt.  For summer wear, you'll want a short-sleeve shirt 507.600X $27.95.  (A long-sleeve  507.601X $28.95 is appropriate for winter wear under the blazer.)  Both come with SAL Collar emblems.
You'll also want grey or kahki pants that can take a crease.  You may also want a black web belt with brass or silver buckle.
And a pair of black shoes that can take a high polish will round off your uniform.
The post will provide a flag emblem for the left sholder of your shirt, gold braid, a gold scarf and white gloves.
If you plan to wear your uniform to meetings (other than as Color Guard), you would consider getting an Old Glory Tie.
Item # 801.204 $15.95 ea
Oh! Yes!  A navy blue blazer is appropriate for those times you want to dress up or for winter uniform.  I've heard people saying that they have found them locally at reasonable cost.
Item # 515.134 $4.95
If you are going to be in the Color Guard
Post 39
An alternative to the above shirts is "Aqua-Dry" Pocket Polo in french blue 507.709X $37.95.  Or Skyline Polo 507.702X $37.95 (no pocket)  This is the shirt that we will be wearing for the Independence Day Parade.
Item # 507.709X $37.95 ea Item # 507.702X